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No-Show / Cancellation Email


I have noticed that No Shows do not get an email telling them they have ‘no showed’ just that they have cancelled.

I would like to ‘educate’ people on this - can I change the email that they receive when we hit the no show button?


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Hi Jacqueline,

I had received your request to have something in the cancellation email to indicate if the customer is a no-show.

I believe this would be a useful tool in combatting no-shows and I have forward the feature request to our development team for review.

If we do begin work on a feature like this we will let you know.

Kind regards,


Just got a message saying that this has been deferred?

Hi Jacqueline,

Our preset status options for improvement requests are a little limited, we would ideally like to let you know that we have accepted the feature request but it isn't yet in our development scheduled. It is deferred in this sense but by no means indefinitely.

Kind regards,


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