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Allow customised leave times for the same booking time via different promotions

Our hotel has an onsite restaurant, where we wish to allow online bookings for non-residents, and bookings for residents via a promotion (to offer different dining times). 

At some times, for example 6:30pm, we want to have a 'leave time' of +2 hours for non-residents, but no 'leave time' restriction for residents. 

ResDiary currently has a global setting for leave times, per time slot. We would like to be able to customise these leave times, per applicable promotion. 

I hope that makes sense!

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Has there been any update on this feature?

Hi Jarrat,

Thanks very much for getting in touch

I have an existing request for this feature that you have described and although it is in a very early stage of development it is something we recognise would be of benefit to many different operations and not just hotels.

I have sent you a separate message as there is an alternative solution to inform customers in the booking process and confirmation emails of their required leave time.

This request will stay open and if there is any update on the progress of this work then I will let you know.

Kind regards,


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