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Implement close out when opening promotion.


I have just noticed if I open up a promotion a one-off given day it resets the diary and unallocated all bookings from my main restaurant area. However, it does not implement a close out like usual when a booking is unallocated, meaning it can easily go un noticed. Not sure if it is a bug in the system or just something that needs implementing.

Thank you.

Wil Frost

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Hi Will,

In creating new segments, you will carry over all settings but the side-effect is that bookings within the date or date ranges that make up the Segment will be unallocated.

The automatic close out does not take place as it would do if you chose to manually unallocate bookings or if a booking swap required a booking to be unallocated.

This is a know problem and for any customer who we assist in making segments for we ask that the diary is checked for unallocated bookings.

We will be trying to fix this as soon as we can and I will let you know a more definite date for resolution when I can.

Kind regards,


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