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Prioritise tables on an overal restaurant/area and not on max table size

We need to be able to book 2s on 4s rather than booking out the 2 tables as these are included in a lot of join table.

Also on quite times its nice to offer 2s a larger table rather than cramming them on a 2 in the corner.

I cannot see a work around for this unless I delete them/move them to the bar area which is nonbookable or make them phantoms which isn't really true.

Another option would be to pick which tables are bookable online individually rather than by section.

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Hi Scott,

Thank you very much for your feedback.

We do occasionally get this same request to be able to rank joined combinations of tables over natural fit tables.

It would consolidating the joins and tables that you have set into one page. The difficulty is that the booking availability search will then need updated across all the system online and within the diary.

Whilst it is a fairly large piece of development work, I can see that it would be of great benefit to you and many other customers.

Should we start development on this or have an idea of when this might be added to your development schedule I will let you know.

Kind regards,


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