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Function or request reminder

It would be good to have ability to put in a reminder notification that reminds the restaurant or manager of a request  that has been made. Example Group makes a large booking for two months time. You can tick a box or enter into a field that emails you a reminder of that booking and items to follow up such as "have set menus been confirmed" etc. Reminder arrives prompts you to go back to guest asking for options or confirming some other aspect of the booking that could be made when originally booking.

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Hi Kieran,

We currently have a reminders function within the booking process that will allow a reminder to be flagged on a chosen date when an action needs taken.

This reminder currently takes the form of a pink symbol on the reminders icon on the main diary showing how many unactioned reminders you have.

What this doesn't do is trigger an email notification of the reminder which you were suggesting. We don't have any plans to make this addition to the reminder function.

I appreciate that it might be a function which would take a little getting used to, but for some of our customers, when they first log in to the diary they will action any reminders as a matter of routine.

Please let me know if you think this would work for you or not and if you have any further questions about the existing reminder function.

Kind regards,


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