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PIN number for staff login

With 20+ FOH staff, I would like to be able to track who has taken bookings/updated details etc.

However, having to enter an email address and password each time is too time-consuming, versus a simple pin number system (like our till login uses).

Once complete, could the system log the user out to a home screen, ready for the next member of staff?

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Yes exactly that. A simple number like the POS. The diary could be open to be viewed but as soon as BOOK was clicked, a simple pin code would be required.

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Any update on this feature?

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We would love this feature too or even just a drop down box for staff to choose their name when taking a phone booking so we know who took it.

I think this feature would be highly useful as typing a full email and password every time a booking is taken just isn't practical at all

it would be nice to hear if this feature is being considered as it seems like a lot would benefit from it....

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