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iPad Bookings & Flexibility


We use an iPad during service for the reservations and the biggest drawback I am facing is a lack of flexibility for booking in new tables.

If I have a table booked at 7pm in the restaurant and someone wants to book a table with me at 6pm, the iPad system will not let me manually override our 2hr time slots and book the new table in at 6pm (as it would hypothetically overrun the 7pm tables booking time).

On my desktop computer I can override this function (it does happen often that people can agree to a shorter dining time!) but that is not of much help during busy services as I can't carry a desktop computer around!

It would be great to have a function that lets you manually make the decision if you want to squeeze new tables in (maybe with just a confirmation box that flashes up to confirm your decision - like the main computer ResDiary does), otherwise you end up with a lot of dead space/time in the restaurant.

Thank you in advance

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