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Yield management for individual areas

As this is not available then either this or the ability to do a bulk close out on individual tables would be helpful.

If I've got a set area just for drinks and a set area for food, i don't want to block the drinkersmenu from entering due to the yield restrictions to save the kitchen from being swamped. 

As I can't manage the yield for each area separately then the only other option is to stop a whole area from counting in the yield management. The next best thing would therefore then to be able to put a recurring close out that apply to times on specific tables to create a spread of drinkers.

In an ideal world say I had 12 diners and 8 drinkers every 15 minute interval. As it stands I would have to put the yield to 20 and risk getting the kitchen overwhelmed.

Alternatively I would have to remove the 'drinkers only' section from the yield figures and risk having that section overwhelmed at a specific time as a result. 

Hope that makes sense.

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Hi joseph,

dis you get any progress on this issue. we are pretty much in the same boat as yourself. can you adivse how you would remove the "drinkers only" section from your yield figures?

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