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Add Conditional Text for Promotions such as NAME / Description/ Images / Menus

Create new variables/tags to allow you to inject promotion data into the email.

So, if the reservation is a promotion, we could enter:

Title (always exists)

Description (if any)

the image (if any)

Link to menu (if any)

This is because, in the current form, there are some setbacks:

we are duplicating information as it already exists on the platform (which is a waste of time).

we will always have to manipulate the templates to add new events, and delete old ones.

When we have many (in our case at the moment), it's easy to lose the thread, because whoever manages the events usually doesn't manage the email templates.

For example, in my case, dpt. F&B is what creates the vast majority of events, but they don't mess with the templates, because of the code.

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