Before we start, a quick word on GDPR. Due to new regulations, you can only market to people who want to be contacted. If you use ResDiary, we do most of this for you, but make sure you don't ever buy mailing lists, and you always give people the option to unsubscribe or subscribe. Find out more about GDPR here. 

Step 1 - build a customer list

  • Go to Promote - Customer Contact - Manage Marketing List - Add New.
  • Name and describe your list, and from the dropdown, choose the applicable dates for the list you'd like to pull or leave it as "All Dates". 
  • Select "Email" or "SMS" from the "List Type" dropdown and add an email address (usually your own) where you'll receive a notification when your list is built. 
  • Choose whether you're pulling an individual venue or full group list. 
  • Then decide if you'd like to use filters or send to all. You can create targeted lists here, filtering by customer birthdays, status, and much more. 
  •  You'll receive an email when your list is complete. If you return to the main Manage Marketing List window, it'll be viewable there. 

Step 2 - create a template 


Email Template

This can be a little complicated if you're not great at HTML. If you're not confident creating HTML emails, we recommend using a template creator (there are lots on Google), or getting in touch with our team to make you a paid template. If you are: 

  • Go to Promote - Customer Contact - Manage Templates - Add.  
  • Use the editor to add in text, images, and links. 
  • Make sure you have a clear Call to Action - Book a table, view the menu, etc. 
  • Remember to add an unsubscribe button! 

SMS Template - (can only send if you have signed up to send SMS messages)

  • Go to Promote - Customer Contact - SMS Messaging - add and add your text, remember and add in a link to your website to book.

The cost of each SMS message is roughly 3p per text and is limited to 160 characters, anything over this will incur the charge of an additional message.

Step 3 - schedule your campaign 

Think about when your customers will want to receive emails and when you'll get the best open rates. Tip: mid-week is usually best, and mid-morning and afternoon have the highest opens. 

  • Go to Promote - Customer Contact - Create Message. 
  • Choose "Email" or "SMS" and pick a subject line, then define the email sender. 
  • Dynamic or static list? "Dynamic" will email on a rolling basis. It's something you might want to set up weekly if your filters are identifying customers' birthdays. "Static" will email everyone in your list once. 
  • Marketing List will be the one you created in step 1. 
  • "Template" is the one you created in step 2. 
  • Choose a date and time to send. (Bearing in mind our advice above.)
  • "Frequency" - usually you'll only send once but if you're using a dynamic list, define how frequently you want to send this mailer. 
  • "Send" - before you hit Send, do a test to yourself to see how it looks. (Note, it won't pull through any of your tokens as it isn't populating customer data.)