All Email designs are based on HTML and as such can be used on multiple platforms. This brief guide will take you through the steps of importing your newly created mailer from Mailchimp and embedding into ResDiary.

*Please note you can only export HTML code from Mailchimp when using the classic builder templates not the new builder templates.

Once your template is created, top left press template and select save this design as a template:

To export the HTML code:

Step 1. 

Have Mailchimp & Resdiary open on separate tabs on your browser. 

Step 2.

On Mailchimp main page, select content - email templates - click the drop-down arrow beside your template - select export as HTML:

Step 3.

Save the HTML file, then open the file. 

This will open your Mailer in a new window. Once here, right click and select View Page Source (on Safari: Inspect Element - Edit as HTML, on Firefox: Inspect Element (Q) - Edit as HTML, Internet Explorer doesn't have this function).

Step 4.

You'll be presented with a lot of code that looks like the image below, highlight the whole thing (press Ctrl A), right click and Copy.

Step 5.

Go to your Resdiary tab. Select Promote - Manage Templates - Add. This will open a new unused template. Before you paste in your code, select Source on the top left. Highlight all existing code and replace with your Mailchimp code.

-----Video of above steps------

Step 6. 

Almost done! Now you just need to replace the tokens to ensure they will work with Resdiary. This part is a little trickier so feel free to contact for assistance with this. If you're comfortable with some basic coding then read on!

  • Delete View this email in your browser
  • Remove any Mailchimp branding at the bottom of the mailer.
  • Find all instances of Mailchimp specific tokens - for example "*|FNAME|*", *|UPDATE_PROFILE|*, etc and replace with our corresponding tokens below.
  • Update Social Media links accordingly.

List of Resdiary tokens:










{COUNTER} - (Adding this token means it will record the number of people who have opened the email, along with what links they've selected)

-----Video of above steps------

Step 7.

Your mailer is now good to go! We highly recommend sending a test to yourself first, and if possible run a Litmus test on your new mailer. If you don't have this, please contact and we'll test your Mailer to ensure it will look good on all email domains before you send it out to your customers.

Brief Video