Settings - Venue

Daily Summary Emails

You can keep up to date with all the activity in your diary by activating your automated daily summaries.

Summary emails are sent every day between 4am and 5am local time detailing bookings received in the last 24hrs. 

The summaries available are;

Daily Summary Notifications
A breakdown of all the bookings received during one 24hr period. 

Daily Feedback Notifications
All reviews received within a 24hr period will be listed in full along with the diner's details

To enable the daily summary email go to Settings > Venue > Notifications > Notification Settings

To activate, firstly tick the box to the right and then enter an email recipient and click 'Add'

You can add any number of email recipients and once the 'Save' button is selected, the email addresses entered will begin to receive the next summary the following day.

Below is what your Daily Summary Notification looks like:

Below is what your Daily Feedback Notification looks like: