Close outs are blocks that stop bookings either internally, online or both.

There are two types: 

  • Manual (On the day) 
  • Periodic (Recurring) 


On the day close outs

To access the close outs console:

  • Press the C button on your keybord 
  • Or hit the button on the top right 

Here you can close areas, services, tables, and timeslots. 

Areas and services: 

Tables and timeslots: 

Bear in mind that tables will only close out for the average sitting time, not the full day. 

Remove a close out for one day 

  • Go to the date you want to remove the close out on 
  • Open the close out console 
  • X the appropriate close out at the bottom 


Periodic close outs

Add a recurring close-out

This is a close-out that happens regularly, either on specific days or at specific times. Good if you close on a Monday or you close the bar at lunchtime for example. 

Fully closed day

Mode - Periodic

From - start date of this change

Until - when this will stop happening (if a permanent change, put 3 years in the future)

Type - common (both online and internal)

Add time interval - make sure it covers the start and the end of your day



Close certain times on a regular basis

As above but make sure your days and dates match when you are open. 


Closed only in certain area(s)

Pay attention to Time Interval and the area.

N.B. Area's will we separated by segment.

If you have more than one area to block you will have to re-edit the close out.


Only online  

 By changing the Type to Online this will block only online bookings at this time. Internal booking can still go in