What is the Managers App used for?

The Managers App is a mobile friendly version of Resdiary allowing you easy access to key functionality for bookings and close outs. 

Once logged in you will be able to:

  • review all online bookings instantly in the online bookings 'Inbox' split into future bookings and current service bookings.
  • review and manage basic changes to bookings by service.
  • manage your availability by opening & closing at the flick of a switch.


Business Benefits

  • Simple mobile access allowing you to manage bookings from anywhere at your convenience.
  • Manage late bookers and online walk ins with the security that these will not be missed.
  • Control your online availability with ease.


How The Managers App Works

1. Login via any mobile phone browser using you normal username and password and you will be directed to the Managers App.

2. Access the navigation by clicking the navigation icon



The main functions of the Managers App are:

Online Bookings

This is essentially an inbox for all your confirmed online bookings and cancellations made by diners online. You can archive these alerts once you are happy that you are aware of the changes.

Booking List

This lists all your active bookings for every day and service period of the year. From this list you can edit the covers of a booking or cancel a booking.

Close Outs

This is where you control your availability. Open or close areas or service periods with one touch.


Managing the Online Bookings page.

New online bookings or bookings that have been cancelled by the diner online are listed on this page. The page is split into two tabs.

  • Current Bookings displays any new online bookings that are for your present service.
  • Future Bookings displays all other new online bookings.
  • New means un-archived.
  • Showing New means that only new booking and cancellation alerts are displayed.
  • Showing All means that both 'archived' and 'un-archived' alerts are displayed.


Managing bookings via the Booking List page.

The Booking List displays all bookings for a given date and service period and allows you to cancel a booking or edit the covers downward. Please note that to edit the covers upward you will still need to access the main application until we add this feature.

  • Selecting the Date will allow you to switch between dates.
  • Selecting the Service will allow you to switch between the services setup at your restaurant.


Managing your availability using the Close Outs page

 The Close Outs page allows you to manage your availability while on the move. 

  •  Selecting the Date will allow you to switch between dates.
  • You can close out in various ways: 



You can add booking while on the move by clicking on the 'Book' button. These bookings are classified as free online bookings via the Managers App channel. 


If you want to learn more about Resdiary you can visit this knowledge base by clicking the 'Help' icon.