Manage Marketing Lists

The 'Promote' section of ResDiary provides all the tools to prepare an email or SMS marketing campaign. When scheduling a campaign you can identify your preferred audience via the 'Manage Marketing List' option.For those restaurants within a group the default list will pull customer profiles with email or SMS and an opted in status from across the entire group.

How to create a new marketing list;

  1. Go to Promote > Manage Marketing List > Add New
  2. Enter a 'Name' and 'Description' of the list you want to create.
  3. The 'Date Range' of 'Visit' or 'Booked' selection is optional and for the entire database this can be skipped.
  4. Select the 'List Type' of 'Email' or 'SMS'
  5. Entering a 'Notification Email Address' is optional but will deliver an email notification when the list is completed.
  6. If you wish to filter the customers then you can continue to select any combination from the list and click 'Add' 
    NB: If selecting filters, ensure that you select either 'Customers that match all filters' or 'Customers that match any filter'
  7. Once you have completed the list criteria then click 'Save'
  8. You will be informed that the list has been scheduled to build.

Please see a video guide below; 

Exporting the list

Once the list is created, you can return to the 'Manage Marketing List' section and select the 'Export' button to download a .CSV file.