Step 1 | Connect with Stripe

First, make sure your ResDiary is linked with stripe. 

See the following Articles:

Step 2 | Stripe Settings

1) Go to Settings > Stripe Settings 

2) Make sure Use Stripe for Voucher Payments is ticked:

Step 3 | Payment Settings

1) Go to Settings > Payment Methods

2) Green Light (enable) ResDiary Voucher (note, ResDiary Voucher NOT Voucher)

Step 4 | Test!

Always best to see how it works from a customer point-of-view

Go to Promote > Front-End Vouchers

Go through the process (without purchasing) to see if all works well. 

If you get as far as Card details - all is well!

If you get an error 500 at any point - make sure that Stripe is enabled.