Online Only Vouchers?

All vouchers codes are sent by email.

If you wish to ONLY send via email might be worthwhile creating a postage method "EMAIL DELIVERY" at £0 to make it apparent to the customer it is email only.

Physically Mailing Vouchers?

You will need to organise your own method of postage (ResDiary will not do this on your behalf). 

Therefore, it's important that you charge for the postage methods available to you.

Adding a Postage Method

If you send out physical vouchers, you will need to add at least one postage method. 

To add a postage method, click on the Promote tab at the top of the page, then the Postage Methods link. 


To add a new postage option, click on the Add button. You will see a screen like the one below:


The fields are described here:

  • Field Name Description: Name The name of the postage method, this will be displayed to the customer.
  • Price The price of the postage method: This is applied once to the transaction.
  • Status The postage method can be enabled or disabled: Have the postage method available to the customer or not.

Once you've added the details, click on Add and you will see the summary page again, with your new postage method displayed at the bottom of the table.

Editing Postage Methods

1) To edit a postage method, bring up the postage method summary page as described in Creating Vouchers, above. 

2) Click on the Edit link near the end of the line. 

3) This will bring up the update screen. 


4) You can make changes to the fields described above and click Update

5) If you wish, you can delete a postage method by clicking on the Delete button.

Deleting Postage Methods

To delete a postage method, you can use the method described in Editing Postage Methods, or simply click on the Delete button at the end of the line in the postage methods summary page.