[Descriptor: Do you want to take card details at the point of booking? ResDiary uses Stripe to securely store card details and take payments. This tutorial will show you how to link your diary with a Stripe account.

You can find full details on how to obtain a SSL certificate with this helpful resource:
You can find more information about Stripe in this helpful resource:


When taking payments via a widget on your website it is absolutely vital that you have a valid SSL certificate (https) on your website . If you do not have https in your website URL, then you do not have an SSL Certificate, and need to obtain one in order to keep using the ResDiary Widget when taking card details from your diners.

If your website has a certificate and has https in the URL, then you are PCI compliant.

Step 2 | Enable Stripe as a Payment Option

Click on 'Settings' > 'Stripe Settings' and click on

You will then be asked to complete an online form which asks for the account number and sort code. If you already have a Stripe account, you can click the 'Sign In' option on the upper right hand corner of your screen

Please note: Due to Stripe's single Platform policy, users can no longer use existing Stripe accounts that are already being used for another platform. A new Stripe account is required but you can choose 'share legal entity' where you can access multiple accounts under the same login. Click here to read more.

Step 3 | Enable Stripe as a Payment Option

Click on 'Settings' 'New Booking Process Payment Settings' Green Light to activate Stripe

Step 4 | Payment Settings

    To activate your diary for holding card info or taking deposits please click on "Settings" "Payment Settings" Click on the drop-down menu and click "Credit Card" and press "Add New" which will bring you to the below screen

Once you're here, ignore the master settings at the top of the screen and decide on your "Exceptions" and click "Add" when finished. 

Step 5 | Going Live  

When first setting up Stripe you will be automatically in Test Mode so you can test your Stripe Interface.

1) When ready to go live go to Settings > Stripe settings

2) Tick Use Live Stripe Settings

3) Save

Step 6 | Choose how you want Stripe to Work with your Diary

There are a twos ways to enable Stripe to work with your Diary;

1) Tokenisation = Credit Card Required (See this Article)
  • By Party Size 
  • By Date, Days, Times 
  • All Online/Internal

2) Payment = Deposits, Ticketing (
See this Article)
  • By Party Size 
  • By Date, Days, Times 
  • All Online/Internal