What does it cost?

£35+VAT per month per restaurant

The only other costs involved is that of the diverted call if you choose to use your ResPhone number in this way ­ this comes directly from your phone line provider. 

The call is charged at standard rate and would appear with the same area code as if it were a local number.

Will I get over bookings?

No. The bookings are subject to your normal rules and yield management and behave the same way as an online booking (i.e no 2’s on 4’s, no bookings at 7pm, max online booking party of 6 etc) and if you close online bookings ­ no more bookings will be taken on ResPhone.

What’s the set up process?

Sign up via the online sign up on our website.

Click the link here and fill out the form there saying that you’d like us to increase your monthly direct debit

What’s Required in the way of hardware/phone line requirements?

ResPhone does not need to be connected to your phone line to take bookings, it is a separate line and number which you divert your calls to ­ or use as a dedicated bookings line. 

If you have the ResPhone number advertised on your website, social media etc then you should still receive traffic through it. However, it will not stop customers ringing your normal phone line for enquiries. 

You do not need a special phone or line in order to use ResPhone.

What happens if the line is busy?

Multiple people can book on ResPhone concurrently.

Can the message be customised?

The restaurant name will be customised, however the automated message has been designed to be the optimal message for reservations service.

It will say "Welcome to {Your Restaurant Name}" and then take your customer through the booking process.