What is the running order? 

The running order view displays a list of all reservations on a given date in the diary and allows you to display important aspects of each reservation within columns which can be customised to your own preferences.

Where do I find the running order?

This is one of three diary views and can be opened via the icon in the upper right hand corner of the diary:

Where can I customise the columns shown? 

You can show the information relevant to your operations via Reports - Settings - Report Settings

How to change the information on the running order and booking report 

Can I view / print only certain services or areas? 

The running order defaults to show all Services and all Areas but you can deselect either if required via the Select Services & Areas drop down option:

Can I sort the bookings by columns? 

You can sort this list by Name, Company, Covers, Time, Area, Table, Booking Date and Server by clicking on the column header name:

How do I print out the running order? 

The print icon is to the upper right hand corner of the diary:

What is the bookings per cover per time slot? 

This is a condensed version of the running order view which displays the booking frequency throughout each time slot of the service and is quite often the preferred breakdown for kitchen teams. 

If you only want to print this out, then select the print button and select only the page numbers where this shows: