User Accessible Widget Tracking


A Widget Tracking tab has been added to Settings > Reservations > Widget Tracking


This allows users to track activity in their widgets:




The tab is divided into two sections


  • Widget Tracking 
  • Conversion Tracking


In the Widget Tracking section, users can specify either a Google Analytics ID or a Google Tag Manager ID which will be inserted into every page in the widget. 


This will allow users to monitor where visitors to their widget are coming from and which pages they visit, for example by using the Google Tag Manager application :




The Conversion Tracking section allows users to define Google Adwords, Facebook Pixel and/or Twitter Ad IDs which will automatically be inserted into the final, confirmation page of the widget. 


This will allow users to monitor conversion statistics as shown in the sample data below from Google Adwords:



Tag Examples

Although the format of tags can vary, here are some typical examples:


Google Tag Manager
Google Analytics
Google Adwords ID*
Google Adwords Label*
Facebook Pixel
Twitter Ad

* Both ID and Label values need to be specified when using Google AdWords