Once you've added an image to your Marketing template you might need to tweak the size to fit in better. 

Tip: The width size is best 600 or less

When in the notification make sure to click the image and then the  button to bring up the image's properties:

URL - this is where it will look for you image. If you press 'Browser Server' it will go to your images in 'Image Browser'

Width & Height 

Width = Enter desired image width. Should be 600 or less

Length = Enter desired image Length

Padlock Symbol = Locks the proportions when you change either the Width or Length - ideal for not having skewed or stretched images

 Refresh Symbol = Pressing this will put the image back to it's original size


Border = If you want a black outline around the image you can enter the size here

HSpace = Horizontal Space = Add a space before and after the image - great for centering your image

VSpace = Vertical Space = Add a space above and below the image - great for centering your image

Press 'OK' to save.