Reservations - Customer Types

Customer Types are another way to differentiate your customers and track them. 

Add a 'tag' to a customer profile, so you can see this information (tag) every time that profile books. These tags can be used to segment your database for marketing.

To add a customer tag follow the below steps:

  • Settings
  • Customer Types
  • Add
  • Add your customer type you wish to track
  • Click add to save. 

TIP: You can reorder the types by clicking and dragging the order then save it by pressing 'Update'

How to Add a customer type during booking

During the booking process you can add in the customer type in the right hand side with the Customer Type drop down:

NOTE: You can only add one customer type to a customers profile.  If you want to add multiple options you could use customer codes by following this guide 

View a Customer Type

You can view Customer Types in the Running Order View:


Tip: You can edit what the Running order shows in Reports - Report Settings

To pull a customer type report follow the below steps:

  • Reports
  • Customer Report
  • Under 'restaurant' select the restaurant you want to pull this report for (if you have more than one)
  • Under 'Report on' Select 'customers by type' 
  • Fill in the tabs and shows report. 

To pull a marketing list by customer type follow the below steps:

  • Promote
  • Manage Marketing List 
  • Add new
  • Enter a 'Name' and 'Description' of the list you want to create
  • The 'Date Range' of 'Visit' or 'Booked' selection is optional and for the entire database this can be skipped.
  • Select the 'List Type' of 'Email' or 'SMS'
  • Entering a 'Notification Email Address' is optional but will deliver an email notification when the list is completed.
  • Click whether you want to pull the list for all customers who have opted in to hear from you at 'group level' or Individual level. If you want to pull the list at 'individual' level make sure you select the venue you want to pull this for.

NOTE: To find out what you have your diary setup with regards to group or individual level go to Promote - Privacy Settings - Scroll to the bottom and you will see what option has been ticked. 

  • To filter your customers by 'customer type' then select 'customer type' from the list and click 'Add' - Select the customer types you want filter by.

Note: If selecting filters, ensure that you select either 'Customers that match all filters' or 'Customers that match any filter'

  • Once you have completed the list criteria then click 'Save'
  • You will be informed that the list has been scheduled to build.