Customer Types are another way to differentiate your customers and track them. 

How to add Customer Types

1) Located in Settings > Customer Type

2) Click Add

3) Add your customer type you wish to track

Tip: You can reorder the types by clicking and dragging the order then save it by pressing 'Update'

How to Add a customer type during booking

During the booking process you can add in the customer type in the right hand side with the Customer Type drop down:

View a Customer Type

Running Order

You can view Customer Types in the Running Order Report: 

Tip: You can edit what the Running order shows in Settings > Report Settings

Customer Report

In Settings > Customer Report you can filter by Customer by Type

Marketing List

In Promote > Manage Marketing List you can built a marketing list by Customer Type.

Note: Marketing list will only show customers who are opted in for marketing so will not show for all Customers with a customer time.