We integrate with a company called Silverstreet for SMS. This is an add-on to a diary and costs £10/€10 per month plus vat per diary for the integration plus the cost of a text message which is roughly 3p per text, (see prices here) the venue is in control of topping up their own credits within Silverstreet. Each text is limited to 160 characters anything over this will then incur the charge of an additional message.

Please find the sign-up form 
here if you wish to add this to your account.

Once the sign-up form is received we will be in touch with the next steps.

Signing up for Silverstreet account

In order to be able to send SMS you must sign up for a Silverstreet account, to sign up for a Silvertsreet account please click here

Once you have signed up for a Siilverstreet account you will receive an email from Silverstreet confirming your account.

What happens next?

When our support team receive your sign-up form to add on SMS to your account they will ask for your login details for Silverstreet, this is to allow the team to complete the integration with your diary.

They will also ask you which SMS messages you would like to send, please find examples below:

SMS Confirmation
This confirms your booking at **** on <DATE> @ <TIME> for {COVERS}. Phone No. {RESTAURANT_PHONE}. Enjoy your meal.

SMS reminder
A reminder from ****. Don't forget your booking on <DATE> at <TIME>. Please let us know if you are coming by clicking {CONFIRM_BOOKING_URL_SMS}

If sending the reminder email when in advance do you want this sent out?

SMS cancellation
Thanks for taking the time to cancel your booking at ***** on <DATE>. We look forward to seeing you on another date.

Addition to Stand-by List
From ***** you are on our standby list for <DATE> @ <TIME> for {COVERS}. Please contact us on {RESTAURANT_PHONE} if you wish to be removed from the standby list.

W8list table Ready SMS
Hi <NAME>, CONFIRM your table option at <TIME> ***** by following this link {ACCEPT_WAITLIST_URL_SMS}