ResDiary integrates with Silverstreet - an SMS provider. Silverstreet is smooth and quick to set up.

To set up SMS integration with ResDiary you will need to request this in writing (email will do!) 

Costs an additional £10+VAT/month to your current subscription. 

You can purchase credits from Silverstreet
for up to date SMS pricing in your region, please enquire with their Support team.

Signing up to Silverstreet

2) Click the sign up button and select Silver street from the options in the Monthly add ons section.

3) Fill in the rest of the details and click submit.

4) An email will be sent to the email address you used to set up your direct debit. It can take up to an hour for this email to be received from Silverstreet. If you experience any issues receiving this email, please contact

5) This will redirect to you back to Silverstreet confirming that you have completed the registration and then click on  as below:

6) This will prompt you to log in with your Username and Password you created in the sign up form:

And now you've set up your Silverstreet account!

Request a Sender Id

Sender ID is the name that shows when the customer gets your text: 

  • Enter your preferred sender ID (eg. friendly name)
    • Note:
      • Must be Alphanumeric (no symbols, emojis or special characters)
      • Must be 11 characters or less
      • Do not use spaces (i.e. "Sam's Place" would become "SamsPlace")

  • Hit Request sender ID
  • Usually it's accepted as soon as possible and you get an email to confirm this

What's Next

Send your SIlverstreet username and password to and we'll set up the integration and do some tests to make sure all it's all working correctly. 

Once we've done that part we will ask for you to add some credits and discuss how you want to set up SMS messaging.