In the image below, number 1 is the party size limit and number 2 is the total covers limit.

Important Note: When a party size or a total covers limit is added and that limit is exceeded or a booking does not meet the party size requirements, customers may still be able to make a booking on Standard Availability (ie. not attached to the promotion) 

To prevent this you may need a Standard Availability blocker (please ask the Support Team to help you with this).


1. Number of People (party size) 

Where you can set a maximums, minimum or exact number of people that needs to be selected before the promotion can be booked

  • Don't Care = No preference
  • Matches = ONLY x covers allowed
  • At Most = The maximum covers allowed
  • At Least = The minimum covers allowed

2. Total Covers

This is the total number of people that can book that promotion on a certain day, you can set a limit for the whole day or per service (eg. lunch or dinner)

  • No Limit = No preference on how many sold
  • Per Day = X total covers allowed per day
  • Per Service = X total covers allowed per service