Promote - Promotions

There may be a time when you want to give certain promotions or cover sizes a different duration time outside of your usual Average Duration times which you have set up in your service setting. 

Some examples:

  • Express 60 min lunch/cocktail session
  • Brunch
  • 8 course taster menu 
  • Ticketing for a variety of events such as 2/3/4 hour Karaoke booth

Step 1 | Step up a Basic Promotion

See this guide here on how to set up a basic promotion

Step 2 | Add Duration Variables

  • Located within your promotion you will see a tab called Validity
  • Edit/Create a new Validity Period
  • Select Duration Variables tab
  • Click Add

Note: If you have a turn time setup on your diary  which you can check by going to Settings - Services then the customer's duration time will be MINUS your turn time.


Overall Duration = 120 mins        

Turn Time = 15 mins

                Customer's Duration at table = 120 (total) - +15m (turn time) = 135 mins

Video Example