Restricting online bookings before arrival

You can set rules for the timeframe in which online bookings can be made in advance of customer's arrival. This setting is available to be implemented as a rule before 'Visit' or 'Service'

Restrict online bookings before 'Service' or 'Visit'

Before your service begins e.g. before Dinner begins at 5pm you can decide when customers will no longer be able to make online bookings. You may for example like to know of all the bookings you have for Dinner by 4pm in which case you could set the restriction to 60m before service. If you would prefer this can also be applied to 'Visit' in which case bookings can be made for your whole day but only within a certain timeframe.

You can apply both these rules by following the steps below;

  1. Go to 'Settings' and open the 'Services' section

  2. Select the 'Edit' icon beside the service which you require to implement online restrictions to (1.)

  3. Look to the bottom right hand side for the setting titled 'Online Booking Restriction' (2)

  4. Enter the required time restriction before service or visit in minutes

NB: These settings let you stop accepting bookings X minutes before the start of service, or before the visit time of the booking.

If you set these values to ‘0’ the default restriction from your bookings setting will be used. (set within 'Restaurant Details' > 'Other Details' > 'Booking')

1. Edit your services

2. Online Booking Restriction