To ensure you test out a Marketing mailer accurately, you will need to create a test Marketing List. (You can use tthe 'Test Message' feature, though please note this won’t tell you if the Tokens are working correctly.)

First step, add your Email Address to the Diary.

  • Promote - Register Customer.

  • Register your details on the Diary - I find the easiest way to filter yourself for a specific list - check your profile as a Royalty Card Holder (this will make it easier to create a list with just you).

  • Save details.

Now that you have a Customer Profile on the diary, you’re ready to create your test list.

  • Go to Promote - Manage Marketing List - Add New

  • Fill in Name & Description - Leave start date and end date blank.

  • List Type - Email

  • Leave notification Email Address blank (this can be useful when building large lists that take some time - you’ll be alerted by email when the list is complete.

  • Filters - This is the important bit. Select 'Royal Card Holder'(or whichever filter you’ve decided to use), click 'Add'

  • Be sure that 'Customers that match ALL filters' is ticked

  • Save

The list shouldn’t take any more than a minute or two. Once complete -

  • Go to Promote - Create Message

  • The subject and from email address is what will be displayed in the customers inbox

  • Filter Type - Static List

  • Marketing List - Your newly created test list.

  • Template - The template you wish to test

  • Send on - This can be a bit temperamental depending on the size of the marketing list. For the sake of a test select the current time, for real mailers it’s advised to set it to at least 1 hour in advanced.

  • Send

Open mailer, ensure the tokens & links are working correctly.

Once you’ve confirmed this, go back to promote - customer contact - sent messages. opened/click-through should have a value greater than 0. If it’s still 0, it means the counter token isn’t working - check and start again! 

Available Tokens:









NB: The token {NAME} will NOT WORK!