Booking Codes are handy as a quick guide to what kinds of bookings are due to come in. 

They leave an icon in the booking which means you can see what kind of booking it is at a quick glance. 

In hotels they can be used to highlight Dinner Bed and Breakfast,Residents, for Restaurants they can be used for Allergies, Special Requests, etc

How to add a Booking Code to your Diary

1. From the Diary click on Settings

2. Scroll down until you can see the "Reservations" tab , it will be the first option named " Booking Codes"

3. Select Booking Codes & click "Add"

You can only add the same 1 Symbol per description


Symbols you can use:

- All alphanumeric excepts D,L,R,S (these are reserved by the system)

- Copy and Paste in some special characters that work in Booking Codes:

* Pro Tip - Remember - you can see all your icons descriptions by press the L key on your keyboard.


Here's a video of booking codes in action:

Vegan Ⓥ  

Wheelchair Space needed  ♿

 Window Table  ⌂

 In a Rush     ⌚

 Table Upstairs Requested ↑

 Requested Downstairs ↓

 Upstairs or Downstairs - no issue ↕

 Wants a Table Outside ☀

 Knows table is outside ☂

 Christmas Menu ☃

 Previous Complaint ☹

 Highchair needed ☺

 Bringing Cake ♕

 Engagement Party ♥

 Allergy to Spices ♨

 Quiet Table ♬

 Bringing Voucher ✉

 Anniversary ❄

 Surprise Engagement ❇

 Wedding Anniversary ❣

 Business Meeting Ⓜ