1. Enable Google Analytics to collect data from ResDiary Microsites

As a first thing, you'll need to make sure you are collecting data to Google Analytics.

1.1 Get your Google Analytics ID

Go to analytics.google.com and select the property you want this data to be collected.

Navigate to Admin -> Under property settings select Tracking Info -> Tracking Code -> Copy your Tracking ID which always starts with UA-XXXXXX-X

1.2 Add Google Analytics tracking ID to your diary settings

Log in to your diary -> Settings > Reservations > Widget and Portal Tracking -> Paste your Google Analytics ID and click Save.

2. Set up Google Analytics Goal to track bookings as conversions

Now that you have data coming into your analytics account, you need to set up goals to be able to filter the data and get useful reporting.

2.1 Set up a goal

Go to the same google analytics property -> Admin -> under the View heading select Goals

Click on +New Goal.

Select Reservations


Type in the Name you want this goal to have. e.g. "ResDiary Microsite Conversions"

Select Type as Destination

For Goal Details configure as the image below:

Please copy and paste the expressions from here to make sure you don't have any mistakes:

Destination: \/Restaurant\/(.*)\/Book\/Confirmation

Step 1: \/Restaurant\/(.*)

Step 2: \/Restaurant\/(.*)\/Book\/Customer

Save your goal.

That is it, you have everything in place to track conversions.

3. Where can I view the Knowlege Graph traffic and conversions?

Navigate to your Google Analytics Reports View -> Acquisition -> Campaigns -> All Campaigns 

Make sure to select the goal you just created and you'll be able to see something similar to this:

You want to look for GKG Post and Reservations Link campaigns which is the traffic from Google Knowledge Graph.