Settings - Pre Orders

With the ResDiary Pre-order system ,you are able to setup multiple menu items to be used in any menus that you wish to create. Creating the menu items first allows you to quickly build your menus later on and allow for quicker changes when building new menus throughout the seasons.

To get started go to:

  • Settings
  • Pre-orders
  • Menu items

1. Categories

You will be asked to first setup a new category. Categories in the menu items allows you to group your menu items by either their type of dish, "Chicken, Pasta, Roasts, Beef" or by their place that they most likely appear on a menu such as "Starters, Mains, Desserts"

Just because items may appear in one category, does not mean you cannot use it another category within your menus. These categories are simply used to sort your items in a neat way for you to find them later.

2. Creating items

To start creating items, click on "Add Menu Item" in the top right hand corner

  • Set the category
  • Item name (required)
  • Price
  • Description as it will appear to the guest on the menu
  • Optional extras and price
  • Dietary markers (the example above has "Contains Nuts, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian". These will only appear if you've created them in your Pre-order setup. See here)
  • Cooking modifiers (these will only appear if you have created them in your setup. See here)

3. Editing Items

  • Go back to item's Category 
  • Edit Item: Change something in the item 
  • Copy Item: Perfect if you have a salad that is a starter or a main size/price 
  • Delete Item: If you no longer need the item