Settings - Pre Orders

With ResDiary Pre-orders, you can setup as many menus as you need from standard à la carte to set menus with multiple course pricing.

Before you get started, you may want to look at setting up your menu items and other items such as dietary markers or cooking modifiers if you haven't already done so. See here for Dietary markers and Cooking modifiers and here for menu items.

To get started on your menu setup go to 

  • Settings
  • Pre-orders
  • Menus


If this is your first time setting up menus, you will need to first add a menu category. Categories can be things such as Lunch vs Dinner menus, Set menus, Seasonal menus etc. The category is used to group your menus to make them easy to navigate when you're editing later on.

Creating the menu

To create your menu, click on "Create Menu" in the top right. You will then see the below page pop up:

  • Set the menu name: This is only seen by you at this stage
  • Choose the Category you want to assign the menu to
  • Cut-off time (optional): The cut-off time refers to the number of hours before the booking time where pre-orders stop being active.  Each Menu can have a different cut-off time or you can setup a master cut of time that will apply to ALL pre-orders by following the below steps:

Master cut-off time

  • Settings 
  • Pre-Order Preferences
  • Update the pre-order expiry below
  • Save

NOTE: The default cut off time is set to 0


Once you have created your menu then you can click on the menu name or click the edit icon to the right and begin to setup the menu structure.

Set the configuration

From the top right, you will see the settings option for the menu option you want to create. Here you can choose one of three options.

  • Normal - This is the your typical à la carte style setup with individual item pricing and endless categories.
  • Set menu - A single price menu with multiple choice options
  • Set menu (fixed price) - A multi-course menu with varying price points. eg. 2 course vs 3 course.

Set your logo, name and description

This is the first thing the user can see when they go to order or view your menu online. The only required field here is the name of the menu

Add categories

Categories help break down the menu. Add your categories and descriptions. Only category name is required i.e starters, mains, desserts

Add your menu items

When you have added your category, you can start adding in your menu items. If you have already setup your menu items, start typing in their name and the item will appear so you can quickly add it. You can choose to customise the item further for the menu you are working on or leave it as is.

Note: If you have set your menu to one of the Set menu options, you will notice that no prices are available per item except for the 'Additional extras' and the 'Surcharge price'

Editing your menus

At any time you can edit your menus. 

You can user the eye icon to view how this menu will look to customers.

Note: When you edit a menu changes to the menu will not appear on existing pre-orders