Booking extras allow your staff to sell additional options to customers contacting you to book i.e. Bucket of Champagne, Flowers etc

If you wish to take payment through ResDiary you will require the Stripe integration to process these payments. (see details about Stripe here)

You can however process the purchase of extras and mark them as paid by 'Cash', 'Cheque', 'Voucher' etc

To try out Booking Extras:

1. Go to Promote - Promotions - Booking Extras

2. Click Manage Categories and Add (Categories could be Food or Drink)

3. Click Manage Divisions and add the sub-category, i.e. Wine

4. Return to Booking Extra and complete the individual product details by clicking Add Extra e.g. Dom Perignon

5. Within the booking process you can select the payments option and add and charge for booking extras. Please see our  video below: