All ResDiary email is sent via SendGrid. We send our emails from a fixed set of SendGrid servers, which is detailed in our Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record.

You are sometimes required to create a SPF record with your domain name registrar to ensure that all your emails get delivered properly. An SPF record will ensure that emails sent from the specified domain are not marked as spam by any email clients. It can be done quickly, in a matter of minutes, by modifying your Domain Name System (DNS) records.

And here's how you do it:

  • Go to your domain registrar's website.
  • Login to the domain control panel.
  • Open your DNS configuration settings. 
  • Edit your ZONE File and look for TXT or SPF record.
  • Specify the following value: v=spf1 ~all .
  • Save your changes.

But what if an SPF record already exists?

You can just include the SPF in the same line as your existing record

v=spf1 ~all

You should now be able to send emails from your ResDiary account without any difficulties. In case you are unable to get the SPF set up, here are more specific instructions with respect to each provider. Make sure you remember to use the right value before saving your changes.