If you are wanting to create a booking on the Table Plan in ResDiary Plus its so simple. 

Choose Your Timeslot by dragging the time bar to the time that you are looking for. As you can see below, the times free on certain tables updates when you stop at a time. As the diary is pulling through the information for that timeslot that you are on.

Choosing which table you would like to book by clicking on the specific table you would like. On the right hand side this will give you information on the future bookings that are on the table. If you are happy to make a booking on this table then click the 'Create Reservation: button

At this stage you will automatically go through to be asking for the customers details as the diary knows that you want to have a booking for that specific table and at that time. 

Now please note that this will assume you are wanting the maximum capacity of this table. If you do change the covers then it may end up changing the table that it seats the customer on. 

The best way is to create the booking and then change the covers on the fly by clicking on the number of covers on the booking, please see video below: