As part of GDPR, we've created a new marketing functionality to allow you to choose the manner in which guests can opt-in to receive marketing communications from you.

From this page, you can choose different opt-in settings for internal and online bookings as well as the marketing opt-in widget.

Customer Contact - Privacy Settings

Go to promote - customer contact - privacy settings:

'Single' or 'Double opt-in' can be explained as follows:

Single Opt-in - This requires the customer to make the choice to be opted-in either online or when booking with you over the phone. In both cases, the options for Email and/or SMS can be selected as the preferred means of communication. Once the guest themselves checks the opt-in box or the staff member checks the box with the customer's explicit permission then no further action is required to include them in future marketing campaigns.

Double opt-in - With this setting in place, the same process applies and the customer will again make their decision to be opted-in. The difference is that once this selection is made, an automatic email will then be delivered to the specified email address to re-confirm their marketing preferences.

In both the cases above, opt-in preferences are captured in a fully GDPR-compliant manner and the following details are stored against the customer's profile.

  • Date and Time: This is the date and time of any update to marketing preferences
  • Venue: For restaurant groups, the specific venues opted in to will be recorded
  • Source: This can be online of internal (for double opt-in this will always be online)
  • User: This can be a staff user or guest (for double opt-in this will always be guest)
  • IP Address: The IP where the opt-in was made
  • Details: This includes the exact text read by the guest or read to the guest when making an opt-in choice

Opt-in Levels

The opt-in levels you set allow customers to opt-in to specific venues in your group and/or opt-in to the whole group.

You can change how the group name displays which is free typing, if nothing is entered, it will default to your registered company name when the diary was built.