ResDiary plus syncs to your main ResDiary web app but can also work offline if your internet loses connection.

1 - If your internet is patchy and you decide to turn it off, simply click on the menu sidebar on the top left corner and turn off 'Connectivity' in the settings tab:

2 - A warning will appear on your table plan that you are in Offline Mode, with the line across the top of the diary turning red to continue to remind you:

3 - When you are back online, you will be able to upload any bookings that have come through while you were not connected. Simply tap on the networking button at the top of the app:


4 - If there has been a conflict when uploading your bookings, such as a booking being made online on the same table or you overlapping a table within the diary you will be notified with this warning message. Please click on 'View Upload Queue'

5 - This will then show you all the bookings that could not be uploaded. Please note that these will have to be manually resat to be uploaded. If you click on the individual booking it will then get you to reseat it onto a table and it will then upload: