You can add a walk in by simply tapping on the walk-in button at the top of the screen:

1 - Choose the number of guests

2 - You can simply seat the walk in with standard duration time or can change the duration time. The diary will choose the best available table but you can change this by clicking on the table number on the bottom left of the screen

3 -  The Walk in will automatically populate in the diary

Or if you are on the current time within the Table Plan view you can tap on a table and then choose to seat a walk in. This will assume it is for the maximum number of covers on that table and for a standard duration.

Creating Walk in Table joins on the fly

If you want to create a walk in table using multiple tables on the fly then you can do so by going to the current timeslot within your diary

1 -  Press the Joins on the fly button

2 - Choose your number of covers

3 - Choose which tables you would like to join together for the walk in

4 - Click 'Seat Now'

5 - That is your walk in table sat