Once the booking has been completed, the guest will receive the "Pre-order e-mail"  this e-mail can be customised to relay any information about your particular venue.  Please contact support@resdiary.com for any amendments.

Once the guest clicks on the link in their e-mail they will be able to add their own pre-order choices and send links to all members of the party to submit their pre-orders.

Diner Page

1. Display of the number of courses offered.

2. Allows guest to share a link to the full menu for diners to view, as shown below.

3. Shows the guest how long they have to submit all the pre-orders.

4. Allows guest to submit their own pre-order.

5. Warning message displayed if a set amount of courses must be obtained per person.

6. Guests own pre-order summary

    Once complete this can be edited and comments can be added

7. Guest can add other diners pre-order directly on this page, or send a link for the diner to add their own by clicking on manage guests and adding their name and e-mail.

    Each diner will then receive their own e-mail with a request to submit their pre-order, they cannot view anyone else's pre-order.

8. If menus have a variable cost, for example a two or three course option or there are supplements a running total will be displayed here.

9. The guest will not be able to complete the order until all diners have submitted their pre-order. Once they do complete they will not be able to edit and will be instructed to call the venue for any changes.