Customers pre-orders can be accessed from within the booking or from the Pre-order reports.

In the Booking Process

  • Menu that the guest has been sent, this can be edited from here.
  • Pre-order Status: Created/Complete
  • Resend e-mail - you can resend e-mail to the organiser.
  • Print - Print a copy of the pre-order
  • View Order - this links to the full pre-order. 

Viewing Order

The view order page offers further functionality.

  • Menu assigned to bookings
  • Edit menu
  • Go back to booking, delete, print and place cards 
  • Pre-order status. This will display as incomplete or complete
  • Booking date, time and covers
  • Organisers information
  • Chosen dishes
  • Quantity of courses per person
  • Notes for the restaurant
  • Guests can be edited and preorders added.

Incomplete view

Complete View

Pre-order Reports

From Reports>Pre-order Reports you can pull a list of all bookings with pre-orders within a particular date range.

List View

  • Date Range
  • Status can be filtered to Al or specifically Complete or incomplete.
  • Click to show the report for your selected preferences.
  • Link to place cards
  • Print a summary of this page
  • List shows customer name, date of booking, number of covers, chosen menu and status
  • Actions that can be performed include editing booking, showing history, printing individual pre-orders and access individual place cards.

Dishes View

This report displays the total quantity of each dish for the selected date range.