From the pre-order page or the pre-order reports you can access place cards.

1. Select from a folded or flat style place card.

2. Choose to add the pre-order choices to the card or not.

3. Choices will not be shown for pre-orders with more than 5 dishes.

4. Choose to add an image to all selected pre-orders. this can be added from the image library within ResDiary or from a folder on your computer.

5. Selected logo, this can be deselected by clicking the X. Images can also be uploaded per booking.

6. Choose which reservations to print pre-orders for by selecting/deselecting them.

7. Warning messages display on the reservations that will not include pre-order choices.

8. Incomplete reservations will have an indicator.

9. Preview of how all the selected place cards will look.

10. Pre-orders can be exported to PDF for printing and also CSV if you wish to make your own.

11. Pre-orders can be printed directly form the browser. NB you may need to remove any printer margins automatically applied.