Within your diary we allow to create third party bookings. The booking is made for the diner on behalf of a third party. 

The 3rd Party Booker Reports will show you how these third party channels perform.

To ensure that you record this correctly, please follow this quick instruction guide.

How to create a third party booking 

  • Start by clicking on “BOOK”.
  • Select the correct booking details on the left hand side of the booking window. 
  • Enter the customer’s details on the right hand side of the booking window.
  • Before completing the booking you need to register the 3rd party booker details by selecting the tab “3rd Party” on the customer profile side (as shown below):

  • Tick the box “Associate with a third party booker” so you can enter the details of the booking agency.

If the agency has already been created (from a previous booking), you will be able to select from the drop down list when you start to fill out the details. 

Please Note:  to avoid duplicates you need make sure they are entered correctly the first time so your report will be accurate. You are unable to delete duplicate third party profiles.

  • Then click, “Complete”, to confirm and complete the booking.

How to check the performance of your 3rd party bookers

Go to Report - 3rd Party Booker Report

A 3rd Party Booker report is available in the report section of your ResDiary. It allows you to run the report for a group of restaurants or for an individual restaurant. 

The report is a snapshot of the number of booking/covers generated per booking agent.