Promote - Promotions 

Our promotions settings include an option to select the channels that the promotion should appear on.

The options available are either preset by us or configured in your diary or group of diaries.

  • ResDiary (preset)
    • This covers all the default channels provided by ResDiary such as our consumer portal on
      • When adding a promotion, these channels are selected by default

  • Global + Reseller 3rd Party (preset)
    • Depending on your location, there are a list of possible 3rd parties who we partner with who you can arrange a listing for. (see more info here)
      • These are not selected by default

  • Group (private)
    • This includes all the custom channels which have been added in your diary. 
      • These are added via 'Promote' > 'Manage Booking Channels' but not selected by default (see full guide here)

To enable/disable any promotion from showing via any of the channels within the above categories;

  • Go to Promote
  • Promotions 'Click 'Edit'
  • Open the tab 'Channels'
  • Tick the box beside the channel to enable or disable
  • Click 'Save'

For ways to further manage channels see the guide here and on more details on how to control the availability offered per channel please see guide here