Looking to update your microsite on resdiary.com? 


Click on settings > images > Click folder on the right hand side called ''microsite'' or ''additional images'', the folder name will turn red so you know you are within the correct folder. 

To add an image, click the blue ''add'' button the right hand side > select the image from your computer (which should be no larger than 500KB) > select ''application image'' (4th tick box). This image will then be added to your images carousel on your microsite.  

Simply click the first tick box, ''main restaurant image'' if you would like the image chosen to show as the main image on your microsite.


To add a menu to your microsite, save a PDF version of your menu to your device.

Click on settings > details > menus > Upload a menu

Choose a unique menu name > the menu URL will auto generate for you > select a section> click ''Browse''  to select the menu from your device > click ''save'' > click ''save'' again. 

To remove a menu;

Go to settings > details > menus > select the green toggle icon next to the active menu > agree that you would like to disable the menu by clicking ''yes'' > save. 

To edit your description on your microsite;

Go to settings > details > info > add/remove any text in the ''description'' field > save.