As a ResDiary customer, you receive a free listing on powered by ResDiary to drive more online bookings to your venue. The more you add to your listing the better to encourage customers to book.

To get this to display there are some key detais that we require from you, which we have detailed below:

How to update your Venue and Dish Cult Listing Details

The information on this page is customer-facing for your Dish Cult listing and also your notification emails*. 

On this page you can update:

  • Venue name*
  • Venue address*
  • Venue phone number*
  • Venue email address*
  • Venue website
  • Activate your Dish Dish listing
  • Venue description
  • Venue opening hours (these opening hours are for display proposes only and do not change the actual hours of the diary)
  • Venue country calling code
  • Currency accepted
  • Price point
  • Dress code
  • Facilities available
  • Cuisine and venue types
  • Social media links*
  • Menus

To make these changes go to settings - venue - venue and Dish Cult listing details, you can either scroll down to update the details or use the shortcuts on the left:

How to add a menu

The menus must be a PDF file in order to be uploaded to the diary, no larger than 5MB.

Top Tip: If you receive notification that your file type is too large you can compress your PDF file here

To add a menu to your Dish Cult listing go to Settings - Venue - Venue and Dish Cult Listing Details - Listing Menus (using the shortcut to the left or scroll to the foot of the page):

Choose a unique Menu Name - select Menu Type - select Language > upload the PDF file via 'Choose File' - the menu URL will auto-generate for you - tick to 'Display Online' and select to 'Always' display or to display for a specific date range - click Add then Update to save.


How to remove a menu

Go to settings - venue - venue and Dish Cult listing details - listing menus (using the shortcut to the left or scroll to the foot of the page - press the trash/bin icon to delete the menu:

When will my changes be updated?

If your Dish Cult listing is being built from scratch it can take up to 30 minutes to build, if you are updating information on your listing already created the changes will show immediately. 

To update your venue image and add additional images to your Dish Cult listing please click here