What is Event Manager?

ResDiary's Event Manager allows enquiries about events to be received online via our Events Widget or created by users internally. You can specify the minimum and maximum event party sizes that you accept and configure the types of event that you cater for. From a central location in the diary, you can then view all enquiries across your venue or venue group and your users can apply filters to view and manage only those enquiries which are of relevance. 


Key Benefits

  1. Manage all enquiries towards confirmation and view them alongside normal advanced reservations in the diary 
  2. Store and update event requirements for party size, preferred date/time and event type along with contact details
  3. Send clear branded email communication at every step of the way and set automated confirmations when enquiries are accepted
  4. Deliver email alerts to the team to alert them to new enquiries 
  5. Connect enquiries to ResDiary payment and pre-order functions 
  6. Apply specific content for event sheets that can be converted to PDF and printed


How to get started

Follow the guide here on configuring event enquiries.

Online Enquiries - see guide to creating an Events Widget here

Please note:
  • The Events Widget will accept enquiries on any date and at a time between your opening time and last service end time.
  • Close outs and other diary availability will not be factored in, allowing you to proceed to discussing event specifics with the customer.

Internal Enquiries 

Please note:

  • Pre-orders, deposits or credit card details need to be added at the point of creating a diary booking. 
  • Event bookings can deliver the email request for payment or credit card details but are exempt from the timer which applies to normal bookings and will not be removed from the diary.

Please see a full guide on creating and managing an event and managing your full event lists here