The challenges of adjusting to running a socially distant, and safe, service in your venue are numerous. In the current climate traditional printed menus, jotting down of orders, and manual payments, just aren't feasible. That is why we have launched our Order and Pay at Table features. It allows your guest to make contactless orders, and payments, from their phone. It can be set up on arrival or in advance of their visit.

  • To read more about this feature and to add it to your package click here
  • This feature can be used  in conjunction with our SMS integration, if you want to deliver menu link or receive alerts then you can add this to your package click here
  • To accept online payment, you will need to be connected to our payment provider Stripe, see how to activate this in your account via the link here

How does it work?

  1. Once activated, you can configure your menus by following our guides here
  2. Create a booking, or edit an existing booking then select 'Add Menu'
  3. This will then prompt you to choose whether to prompt the user to pay or not
  4. Once you have all other details in place, click 'Save'
    NB: At this point, the menu is delivered to the guest via SMS and they will be required to complete the order and payment if requested

Where can I see the order?

For all completed orders, there are a few ways to view orders;

  • Management SMS or Email alert
    - An alert can be sent to your phone or email inbox to alert you to new orders received. To configure management notification alerts, go to 'Settings' > 'Notifications' > 'Notification Settings' and follow the guide here

  • Via the booking icon 'View Order'
    - Click on any booking with the symbol below to link through to the guest's order

  • Open the 'Running order' view

    To make sure the relevant details of the pre-order display in your running order, go to 'Reports' > 'Reports Settings' and tick the boxes for  dine-in options
    • Tick the boxes for 'Pre-order Menu items' and 'Pre-order Status'
    • Re-order the rows by dragging up and down and click 'Save Settings'

Video walkthroughs

Delivering menu link to customers 

Management Alerts for Orders Completed