Reservations - Custom Fields

Processing reservations online or from within ResDiary will allow for a range of customer information to be included e.g. Name, contact numbers, email, date of birth etc. In some cases, your restaurant may want more specific information to be gathered about your guests which help you run your service more efficiently.

We have the setting 'Custom Fields' for this purpose and common uses are to allow guests to input dietary requirements or specify wheelchair access will be required.

How to add 'Custom Fields' to your booking process

Internal booking process

  • Go to 'Settings
  • Custom Fields' 
  • Enter the 'Name' e.g.  'Dietary Requirements'
  • If you need the field to be a web address, switch the default field type from 'Text' to 'URL' 
  • For the information entered to be shown in the booking summary with a ⓘ symbol tick the box to 'Highlight' (further information on where this shows below under the heading 'Where to view 'Custom Fields' in your diary')
  • If you want to force customers to provide this information in order to complete a booking, then tick the 'Required Field' box
  • The "Status" on the left shows if the field is enabled (green) or disabled (red) be sure to enable the desired field.
  • Complete the change by clicking 'Save'

Online booking process (widget)

  • Complete the steps above
  • Go to Settings
  • Online Settings
  • Interface Settings
  • Scroll to the section titled 'ResDiary Widget and Portal Settings
  • From the dropdown menu titled 'Custom Field to Display' select the one which you would like to show to your customers booking online.
  • Click Save

Note: Only one custom field can be shown on booking widgets and this custom field will apply to all diaries within your group.

Where to view 'Custom Fields' on your booking widget

Where to view 'Custom Fields' in your diary

When a custom field has been completed, it will populate in the following sections of your diary;

  • If you have selected the option to 'Highlight' a custom field it will show on the booking summary when you click on a reservation.
  • To show in the 'Running Order' view then go to 'Reports' > 'Report Settings' and select your custom field under the heading 'Columns displayed in Running Order Report' (guide to Running Order here)
  • When making a booking, you can view or add custom fields by selecting the tab 'Detail' n the customer profile

  • Booking summary panel:

  • Running Order View:

TIP: You can edit what the Running order shows in Reports- Report Settings

  • In the booking process

NOTE important information about Custom Fields

Custom fields are attached to the customers profile and not just the one booking.
Custom fields do NOT show on Dishcult
Custom fields are free typing
Custom fields apply to all diaries within a group