What is card tokenization used for?

Card tokenization (holding a customer's card details) provides a means of taking a customer's credit/debit card number via our PCI-compliant Stripe gateway.

The tool we have developed allows you to replicate your present processes relating to taking card numbers and communicating your cancellation and no-show policies so that both restaurant and guests have total security.

When Stripe is abled in your diary you can dictate that a credit/debit card is required to secure a booking above 'x' covers or for a particular promotion allowing you to secure both large party and special event bookings.


Business Benefits

  • Protect your business from late cancellations and no shows
  • Store guest credit/debit card details in a PCI-compliant manner 
  • Secure bookings of 'x' covers and over by storing a credit card number 
  • Set and communicate your cancellation and no-show policies in a clear manner
  • Alert users to cancellations
  • Allow key staff the right to charge cards when a guest has broken your policy

How to set up tokenisation/request for card details

First, you will need to set up Stripe following this guide.

You can set up tokenisation in two ways

Via master setting - Go to settings - payments - payment settings - from the drop-down list select credit card then press add new:


This will automatically take you to the master settings of credit/debit card (aka Stripe tokenisation):

  • If you want to request card details for 4 or more enter 3 in the text box:


  • If you want to request card details for ALL bookings do not enter a number in the text box and instead tick card details required for ALL ONLINE bookings and card details required for ALL Internal bookings:

Review the exceptions before saving

  • Allow users to skip taking card details on INTERNAL bookings - This allows users with appropriate access to skip the request for card details

  • Don't take card details from VIP customers - This allows customers who are tagged as VIP to not be asked to submit card details, internally and also online

Top Tip - If you tick credit card details required for ALL online/internal bookings, the diary will always ask for these details as this is the master setting for tokenisation.


Important Things to Consider

You do not want to be caught out by your customer if you charge a card without prior notice therefore always make sure to add and update your T&Cs in your booking widget, please follow the guide here

To set your users you want to allow the rights to charge cards, go to settings - user management - groups - administrator privilege - tick/untick 'Allow to Charge Cards'