Widget Configurator

To access the widget configurator for standard or event bookings, or for marketing purposes, go to Promote - Online Settings - Widget Configurator - create new theme.

Throughout this process you'll be able to see how your widget will look in the window on the right. You can go back to previous boxes if it doesn't appear as you'd like it to. 

1. Theme Settings 

Name your widget. You'll likely end up with multiple widgets over time so ensure the name and descriptions will make sense in future. Pick your channel for tracking purposes. 

2. Attaching the promotion

Then choose a fixed promotion from the drop down if you'd like to force the widget to use a specific promotion. 

3. Overall Look 

Use this box to decide how your widget will look, picking your logo colour first and either picking your colours or entering the colour codes if you know them. 

4. Booking summary panel

Choose your colours for this panel and decide if you'd like to divide your time slots by service and whether you want to show Children and Infants options. Then decide if you'd like the diner to specify an area when making a booking, or allow 'Any Area' in the options

5. Calendar, Promotion Choice Window, and Drop-down and Input Boxes 

Pick your colours and border radius for these views. 

6. Contact Details Settings

Choose the customer details and marketing fields you  want to collect, and which ones are required. 

7: Custom Logo 

Upload your own logo. Ensure that the dimensions are 200x500px, it's no larger than 2.5mb, and the file supports transparency. 

8: Click 'Continue' under the calendar preview  

This will allow you to choose your widget's size and how it will display if you are embedding the widget. 

If you are just looking for a link and not the code then you can copy and paste the link from the code like below:

You're finished! Use the code/link generated to embed your widget into your site, or pass to your web developer to do.